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Pretty Zilla was founded  in 2020 during a hot summer day. It was created for people to shop online for variety of collections including style & cosmetics. First, it started off with many different handmade lip gloss collections, eyelashes, snacks, and wholesale products by Pretty Zilla for sale. Pretty Zilla made it easy for people to buy, and sell there products. They also give good customer service to all shoppers, along with a reliable support.

Safire Rosay the CEO, and the founder of Pretty Zilla was a former hairstyles & make up artist. She became one of the top successful black business owners. When she was 20 years old, she always dreamed every night about becoming a entrepreneur. She had no job, because it was so hard for her to find a job with the little experience she had. She went through many ups and downs trying her best to find income, therefore she began to start her own legacy at home with the support of her family & friends. Safire wakes up every morning dressed in her business attire, and a smile on her face, ready to work. She was very dedicated, and willing to succeed that her own business became her empire.

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