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Depending on your order, there are different types of shipping rates. You have one that is 1-5 business days, 2-6 business days, and 4-9 business days intel your order is process to be shipped. Before your order is shipped, you may cancel your order. Depending on your bank account, it may take a couple of busniess days intill you receive your money back.


Depending on the item you ordered you may return, or exchange for a refund. For a return you can get a parcel refund depending on the issue. For an exchange you can send your order back to trade for a different item at the same price as your past order. If you cancel your order before its been shipped you may get a full refund. Just remember If something bad comes up please contact us. ASAP! 

(Fresh Styles & Cosmetics)

 email us at 

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